The following books are the outcomes of the annual conferences of the Group for Research on European and International Taxation.

Principles of law: Function, Status and Impact in EU Tax Law, Cécile Brokelind, not yet available. Publication following the eighth GREIT conference 2013 hosted in Sweden.


Litigating EU Tax Law in International, National and Non-EU National Courts, Daniel Sarmiento, Domingo Jiménez-Valladolid de l’Hotellerie-Fallois, March 2014. Publication following the seventh GREIT conference 2012 hosted in Madrid.


Movement of Persons and Tax Mobility in the EU: Changing Winds, Ana Paula Dourado, February 2014. Publication following the sixth GREIT conference 2011 hosted in Lisbon.


Human Rights and Taxation in Europe and the World, Miguel Poiares Maduro, Pasquale Pistone et al, October 2011. Publication following the fifth GREIT conference 2010 hosted in Florence.


Traditional and Alternative Routes to European Tax Integration, Dennis Weber, September 2010. Publication following the fourth GREIT conference 2009 hosted in Amsterdam.


Legal Remedies in European Tax Law, Pasquale Pistone, December 2009. Publication following the third GREIT conference 2008 hosted in Cetara.


The Acte Clair in EC Direct Tax Law, Ana Paula Dourado, Ricardo da Palma Borges, August 2008. Publication following the second GREIT conference 2007 hosted in Lisbon.


Towards a Homogeneous EC Direct Tax Law, Cécile Brokelind, May 2007. Publication following the first GREIT conference 2006 hosted hosted in Sweden.

As EU tax law has become more and more complex and sophisticated in recent years, so has EU tax law litigation. The features of EU law and its own sources give rise to specific problems when litigating EU tax law not only before the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) but also before EU national courts. Additionally, the relevance of EU tax law has expanded outside the EU borders, inspiring tax litigation before national courts of non-EU states as well as before international courts.

This book is the result of the 7th GREIT Conference held in September 2012 in Madrid at the Instituto de Empresa (IE). The book analyses the problems and challenges faced by taxpayers when litigating EU tax law from a comparative perspective, dealing not only with purely national issues but also with the influence of EU tax law in tax litigation in international scenarios.
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